Time to play again!

Josie, a 14-year-old Cairn Terrier presented for acute weakness, and vomiting.  Her liver enzymes are elevated.

Look at this video centered on her liver.  On the insert, the dog is lying on its back, and the left of the dog is on the top.

Please share your thoughts and comments.  The answer is coming soon!

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39 thoughts on “Time to play again!

  1. Liver lobes are rounded.GB only mildly filled with thickening of its wall.There is increased echogenicity of liver hilus and around bile ducts.In the right liver lobe there is round or oval shape well demarkated not encapsulated isoechoic mass with multiple various size hypoechoic fluid filled lesions and high density gas or mineralization changes within the mass. Stomach wall looks abnormal but it’s only present partially.Is there small amount of fluid around the lesion or just vessel lying parallel to lesions curvature?Dd: cholangiohepatitis due to
    abscess or neoplastic lesions.


  2. Thickened GB wall (ddx lack of distension, edema, cholecystitis) Cystic mass in the right liver with a scant amount of peripheral effusion (local peritonitis) Multiple hyperehoic foci in the mass with reverberation artifact indicating gas (ddx hepatic abscess, infected cystadenoma or other type of tumour)


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