Time to play!

Blackie, a 15-year-old cat was presented for severe bradyarrhythmia. An abdominal ultrasound was performed as part of the work-up for systemic disease that could cause 3d degree AV block. On blood work, there is a slight leukocytosis.  See a short video clip of the left side of the abdomen.  What is your diagnosis?  Recommendations?

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10 thoughts on “Time to play!

  1. Ultrasonographic findings: Mild plication of duodenum, free abdominal hyperechoic effusion (peritonitis), acoustic shadow inside of the stomach (foreign body).
    Recommendations: abdominocentesis (citology, culture,rivalta test?),lactate measurement, full chem and electrolytes, supportive care (resucitation fluid therapy), pain management.
    ** do you have more clips of the rest of the abdomen please?


  2. Foreign body in stomach, possibly perforating it and compromising pancreas (pancreatitis). He had an associated peritoneal reaction. Exploratory surgery.


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