Welcome to the universe of Small Animal Ultrasonography !

You are a veterinary studentresident, technician or practitioner ready to discover, undertake or master this great modality for the benefit of the pets you’ve trained so hard to treat. Well, this is it. This is the place to learn, exchange and collaborate so that all of us – together – can make it a better small animal ultrasonography world!

This is not only the companion website for the Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography, 2nd Edition – let’s call it 2.0 since this version with be evolving through this site 🙂 – but more importantly, a broader eLearning platform so we can all become better sonographers.

The password included in your copy of the Atlas will give you access to a full library of videos with animations and annotations to highlight key features of the most common pathologies you’ll encounter in your practice. And by the way, thank you in advance for not sharing this personal password or any other protected content that took us so long to produce. By respecting this intellectual property, you’ll encourage us to continue producing great material for your learning. 🙂  That said, you can share, save or print any of the public posts from our blog, some of which as excerpts from the book, or updated information and tips from the veterinary literature. If you want to receive an email when a new article is posted, you simply need to click on the follow us widget in the right sidebar. You can also follow us on Facebook and please use our Facebook page to comment and share ideas or interesting cases. Twitter and Google+ users can also follow all posts.

If you’re looking for a previous article, click on the blog tab to find it. You can also search by selecting a specific keyword or a category. 

And if you want to discover additional teaching tools for small animal ultrasonography, click on the learn more tab on the top menu. Stay put as this section will likely expand over the course of this year.

One last thing, before you start, don’t forget to visit the who are you? section so that we can learn a little more about yourself. 🙂

Dominique & Marc-André

73 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi! The video collection Mastering Ultrasound is meant to be complementary as it teaches the ultrasound anatomy using 3D images derived from CT matched to the ultrasound video loops. The Atlas video collection has some basic anatomy scanning, but not to the same extent.


  1. I’m studying for a test and having some troubles with playing the videos. When I try to play the videos, it takes a lot of time for it to play. The loading time seems to long(sometimes more than a few minutes) and when the video starts to play, it eventually stops in the middle. Is there a program or something I have to install to play the videos effectively?


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