Time to play! [8]

Josie, a 14-year-old Cairn Terrier presented for acute weakness, and vomiting.  Her liver enzymes are elevated.

Look at this video centered on her liver.  On the insert, the dog is lying on its back, and the left of the dog is on the top.

Please share your thoughts and comments.  The answer is coming soon!

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39 thoughts on “Time to play! [8]

  1. Bacterial Cholangiohepatitis, possible hepatic abscess ,gas producing anaerobes in the intra hepatic bile ducts, inflammation of the surrounding abdominal fat to name a few. Should do fine with appropriate antibiotics. Fair prognosis.

  2. There Is gas un the hepatic parenchyma. It looks like Is inside a mass (doesn’t look like aerobylia). The liver, gallblader and peritoneum looks edematosus. It looks like an inflamatory desease. Could it be asociate with an hepatic mass with bacterial overgrown? There are some big linphonodes (hepato portales?)Was the dog un pain? The respiratory patern looks like eh was. Sorry for my afwull english… Writting from argentina with my phone in spanish

  3. Thickened gall bladder possibly secondary to gall bladder rupture (possible small amount of free fluid seen between liver lobes?) Multifocal hypoechoic areas in right liver lobe due to possible liver mass.

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