Nice EVDI meeting at Wroclaw!

The European Veterinary Diagnostic Meeting was held a few days ago in the city of Wroclaw, Poland.

The speakers had the chance to shine on the stage of the opera house.  This was such an energizing and well organized meeting!

Next year, the EVDI meeting will be in Verona, Italy…

Lost elephant…


Calling for help.

[VIDEO] Abdominal Carcinomatosis in Cats

From the video collection of Chapter 15 – Abdominal Cavity, Lymph Nodes, & Great Vessels.

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The Easter bunny far gone, here comes Adrenal the turtle

Carrying a hyperechoic nodule on its back, may Adrenal the turtle eventually reach the caudal vena cava ??Adrenal the turtle

[VIDEO] Congenital Extrahepatic Shunt in a Puppy

From the video collection of Chapter 6 – Liver.

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For more information on the sonographic approach for portosystemic shunts in dogs and cats, see Chapter 6 – Liver in the Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography, 2nd Edition. To obtain a copy of the article The Sonographic Search for Portosystemic Shunts, please contact me directly at

Take a look inside Atlas 2.0

From Chapter 17 – Musculoskeletal System, page 537.

Time to play 7: and the answer is…

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This dog had non-obstructive foreign material in the small bowel. The fever was explained by a stump pyometra (seen on the complete abdominal ultrasound).

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Time to Play [7]

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The Double Sunset Sign


All right. I know. I’m a geek ;-).

The Kidney Awakens

This is no ordinary hydronephrosis.

Especially for sonographic Jedi like you and us ;-).

PS: don’t forget the sound !!