Small Animal Ultrasonography PREMIUM (2 years)


More than 180 videos + later additions

Get access to everything Dominique and Marc-André created for you.



Subscribe for 2 years to the entire collection of videos covering the basic concepts of an ultrasound exam, the normal anatomy and all videos of pathologies (abdomen, head and neck, thorax, musculoskelettal system and neurology). As a bonus, this package provides access to our collection of Time to Play exercises.

Don’t forget to send us your photo with your copy of the Atlas 2nd Edition for a 100$ refund! Other discount coupons may apply.

*Valid for two years

See the list of all the videos included

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6 thoughts on “Small Animal Ultrasonography PREMIUM (2 years)

  1. Hello from greece!! I would like to know if the covid discount exists till 15 of february and also if i can get the 100$ discount even if i have atlas first edition and not the second edition.if yes in which adress should i send my pic with the book..?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hello,
      yes, today is the last day to take advantage of the COVID19 coupon on the purchase of the Premium membership. And if you send us your photo with your 1st Edition Atlas to, we can refund you $50 (instead of $100) after your purchase.
      Thank you for your interest

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