Ultrasound Anatomy in 3D

Understanding the motion of the probe and the relationship between its position on the abdomen and the resulting image is an important challenge when undertaking ultrasound. In this short video, Marc-André describes how he used 3D-rendered CT images and animations with the objective of better recognizing the anatomy depicted on ultrasound.

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This photo was taken at the VetMeet in May 2019 by Denis Amato.

Time to Play! #15, and the answer is…

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This case is a bit of a challenge… but so important to recognize as the presence of gas is often associated with a perforated GI segment, and therefore leads to exploratory surgery.

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Adopt a systematic approch

In this video, Marc-André describes his patient preparation and sonographic approach for a systematic evaluation of the abdominal cavity with ultrasound

[narrated and annotated video, 9:55]


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The Pancreas


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