Thorax / non-cardiac (Section 2 of Mastering Ultrasound)


SECTION 2 of the Mastering Ultrasound membership
9 videos + later additions



Ultrasound applications to the thorax often are complementing radiographs and/or CT of pulmonary, mediastinal, pleural or diaphragmatic disorders. The video clips in this section provide numerous illustrations of these disorders and of the benefits and limitations of ultrasound for this body part.

*Valid for two years

*This package is included in the Mastering Ultrasound and the Small Animal Ultrasound PREMIUM memberships.

Videos included:

Normal lung interface
Thoracic wall mass
Pleural effusion
Pulmonary tumor
Mediastinal tumor
Branchial cyst
Pulmonary metastases and FNAs
Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia

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