Colonic intussusception and adenocarcinoma in a cat

From Chapter 8 – Gastrointestinal Tract 

Figure 8.14. Colonic intussusception and adenocarcinoma in a cat. Transverse sonographic (A) and sagittal (B) sonograms of a large nodular echogenic colonic thickening/mass (arrowheads) associated with an intussusception in a 15-year-old cat. The mass was diagnosed as a colonic adenocarcinoma. The arrows point to the invaginated segment of colon with a small amount of echogenic fluid in its lumen. F, invaginated fat; and an asterisk is placed on the lumen of intussusceptum in A. C: Gross specimen of the intussusception associated with an asymmetric transmural adenocarcinoma. F, fat.

co-authored by Dominique Penninck and Marc-André d’Anjou

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