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If you’re new at ultrasound, attending a wet lab soon, or consider adding this great diagnostic tool to your practice, you might like to explore this online course that covers all abdominal body parts of dogs and cats including the adrenals (video above). Using 3D animations, each tutorial describes the sonographic approach and anatomy for each region of interest integrating 3D CT and ultrasound images with real-time probe positioning. Normal sonographic features (measurements, variants, etc.) are covered with essential facts and concepts for better recognition of pathologies. This course was designed as a preliminary course to the Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography.

Visit the vimeo platform Mastering Abdominal Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats to start learning on you iPad or any other device, computer or Smart TV.



Visit iTunes U Tufts University  and select Veterinary Ultrasonography at Cummings school of Veterinary Medicine to access a series of free video clips.



You can also read French? Follow MAD and his friends on Animages.ca, a blog dedicated to small animal imaging and other images…

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  1. Hi. My name is Olga. I want study ultrasound for cats and dogs. I need to have some medical education? And how i can purchase your book Small Animal Ultrasound ?

    • Hello Dr. Shailandra. Thank you for visiting our site. When you purchase our book, the Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography, you will have access (password in the book) to our collection of videos in the “VIDEO” section on top. You can also visit the “LEARN MORE” section to see what else we offer for learning small animal ultrasonography (online courses). Let us know if you have more questions!

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