Gastric ulcers

From Chapter 8 – Gastrointestinal Tract

Figure 8.26. Gastric ulcers. A: Marked focal gastric wall thickening (between cursors) with loss of layering is noted in this 8-year-old Boxer. Within the thickest portion of the wall is a central crater (arrow). The wall measures 1.4 cm.  Lu, lumen. B: Hyperechoic speckles (arrows), consistent with gas, are found in the thickened wall of this dog with uremic gastritis and ulcerations. The layers are ill-defined. The edematous wall opposite to the ulceration reaches 1.6 cm in thickness (between the cursors). C: Sagittal sonogram of the stomach of a Siamese cross with extensive gastric ulcer and edema. A small amount of echogenic fluid is seen in the gastric lumen (lu). The wall is thickened and there is clear interruption of the mucosal layer, on its side of the lumen. The arrows point to the ulcer site. D: Transverse sonogram of the stomach of the same cat seen in C.

co-authored by  Dominique Penninck and Marc-André d’Anjou

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