Normal anterior segment of the eye

From Chapter 2 –  Eye and Orbit

Figure 2.8Normal anterior segment of the eye   A: Schematic drawing of the anterior segment of the eye. C, cornea; AC, anterior chamber; I, iris; PC, posterior chamber; L, lens; VB, vitreous body; CB, ciliary body.  B: High-resolution (12 MHz) sonogram of the cornea, anterior and posterior chambers, ciliary bodies (CB).  The cornea appears as 2 discrete hyperechoic curvilinear interfaces (arrowheads). CB, ciliary body; VB, vitreous body. (*) indicates to the posterior chamber. C: Normal cornea (between arrowheads) and anterior chamber imaged (AC) with a 35MHz probe in axial section. The iris and the anterior lens capsule are in mutual contact D: Perilimbal radial section with a 35 MHz probe. The ciliary cleft is visible and normally open (red asterisk). The corneal-scleral junction (arrows), anterior chamber (AC), anterior lens capsule, part of the iris and the posterior chamber (white asterisk) can be seen.

co-authored by Stefano Pizzirani, Dominique Penninck and Kathy Spaulding

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