Progression of normal pregnancy in a domestic shorthair cat

From Chapter 13 – Female Reproductive TractFigure 13-14

Figure 13.14Progression of normal pregnancy in a domestic shorthair cat. A: Day 24. The embryo (arrow) is visible within the gestational chamber surrounded by copious fluid. B: Day 39. Sagittal image of the fetus with the head (H) to the left. Liver parenchyma (L) is visible. The placenta is in the near field (arrows). C: Day 60. Sagittal image of the fetus. The heart (H), fluid filled stomach (S) and liver (L) are easily visualized.  The lung (Lu) is hyperechoic. D: Day 60. A dorsal view of the skull shows the brain (Br) and eyes (arrows).

co-authored by Silke Hecht and Rachel Pollard

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