Pulmonary metastases in two dogs

From Chapter 4 – Thorax

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Figure 4.38. Pulmonary metastases in two dogsA. A small, round, soft tissue opacity is noted on this left lateral thoracic radiograph (arrow) of a Dalmatian with a history of weight loss. B. Using a left intercostal approach, a spherical hypoechoic nodule is seen at the superficial aspect of the lung (L).  Ultrasound guided fine-needle aspirate revealed a metastatic sarcoma.  An abdominal fibrosarcoma was also detected. C. This lateral thoracic radiograph in an 8-year-old Golden Retriever with a 2 week history of cough, showed numerous small soft tissue nodules affecting all lung lobes. D. Using both left and right intercostal approaches, numerous small, hypoechoic nodules (arrowheads) were observed at the superficial aspect of the lung. Fine-needle aspiration by using ultrasound guidance revealed a histiocytic sarcoma.

co-authored by Silke Hecht and Dominique Penninck

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