Transitional cell carcinoma and regional lymphadenopathy in a male neutered dog

From Chapter 14 – Male Reproductive TractFigure 14-20

Figure 14.20. Transitional cell carcinoma and regional lymphadenopathy in an old, neutered dog with hematuria and dysuria. Sagittal (A) and transverse (B) images of the bladder neck and prostate. Strongly shadowing hyperechoic foci are in the prostate, and a soft-tissue projection is in the bladder lumen (arrow). Sagittal images of right medial iliac (C) and hypogastric (D) lymph nodes, which appear enlarged and irregular. The medial iliac node (C) is relatively uniform and nearly anechoic in comparison with the hypogastric (D) node that is heterogeneous and coarse in echotexture. These lymph nodes are adjacent to the external and internal iliac vessels, respectively.

co-authored by Silke Hecht and Rachel Pollard

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