Vascular landmarks for the left adrenal gland in dogs

From Chapter 12 – Adrenals

Figure 12.2. Vascular landmarks for the left adrenal gland in dogs. A and B: Sagittal sonographic images of a normal left adrenal gland and nearby vascular landmarks in a small breed dog in dorsal recumbency. The left adrenal (LA) lies ventrolateral and somewhat caudal to the celiac artery (CA) and cranial mesenteric artery (CMA), as they exit the aorta (Ao). The gland is also located just cranial to the left renal vein (LRV) that crosses the ventral border of the aorta to reach the caudal vena cava. Note the color pattern of these vessels on color Doppler that depends on the direction of blood flow. Color flow aliasing is recognized as a layered pattern of colors in the central portion of the celiac and cranial mesenteric arteries due to high velocity (see Chapter 1 for more information on this artifact).

co-authored by Marc-André d’Anjou and Dominique Penninck.

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