[VIDEO] Normal shoulder: Scanning Technique & Sonography Anatomy

A new video has been released for Chapter 17 – Musculoskelettal System. Activate HD (bottom right of the window) for optimal viewing experience.


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This entry was posted by Marc-Andre d'Anjou.

4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Normal shoulder: Scanning Technique & Sonography Anatomy

  1. Marc-Andre, I rarely scan shoulders,so I tend to forget the anatomy, but your video is very clear and helpful. I have a dog with suspected chronic infraspinatus injury, and having reviewed these images, I can now do the scan with more confidence. Thank you! Chris

  2. Marc-Andre, I hope that you and your loved ones will have a wonderful Christmas season, and many more of them.

    Your videos are so clear and well-paced, that even a dufus like me could follow them & perhaps even do the exam correctly after considerable practice. Congratulations, Good Work!!

    • Hi Larry! Sorry for taking so long to write back. Thank you for your kind words. I only have good memories of our daily rounds at Tufts. I keep saying to anyone who cares how much you made us laugh on clinics! I wish you all the best! I hope to see you again, MAD

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