Atlas #3… plus 2-year video memberships!

We are thrilled to announce that we just committed to produce a 3rd edition of the Atlas of Small Ultrasonography! The plan is to send all documents and figures by September 2023, meaning that the book should come out early 2024. This might seem like forever, but this is the time it takes to produce a book with so much content, given that our contributors are currently overwhelmed, like all of us, by their clinical duties… Please send us your comments and wish lists to make sure this 3rd edition responds to your needs!

This third edition will focus on updating figures and texts, while providing access to a collection of key videos. The entire library of videos will be expanded and offered through our different membership packages.

Speaking of these video memberships, we just decided to expand all 1-year subscriptions to 2 years for the same price. And remember to send a photo of you and your Atlas to get a discount!

Visit our FAQ section for all details.

Dominique & Marc-André

Note: all active memberships have been automatically extended to 2 years.

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4 thoughts on “Atlas #3… plus 2-year video memberships!

  1. I am excited about another edition as I use prior editions almost daily. I still struggle with shunts and would like more videos and details on imaging protocol to figure them out. Thanks PT

    • Thanks for your comment Paul! Shunts can indeed be challenging to recognize and fully understand… I’ll work on a new video this year proposing my shunt hunt approach :). I’ll also add new videos describing different shunts. Spoiler alert :): we’re also planning on adding a new chapter that will focus on abdominal vascularisation, describing various vascular anomalies other than PSS. Take care and stay safe.

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