Time to play! [20]

Do you need a little break from the hot (or wet) summer??? Here is the next Time To Play…why do you think there is blood in the urine of this cat?

Please share your ideas and answer the questions posted at the end of the video.  The answer will come in the next few days…

See the answer HERE

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10 thoughts on “Time to play! [20]

  1. Query:
    Bilateral hydronephrosis with echogenicities throughout right sided hydroureter and mildly edematous bladder wall.
    ? ureteral obstruction, UTI, urogenic anomoly, other pathology…

  2. The kidneys’ size seems normal. The corto-pelvic system is widened. Thickened bladder wall, hyperecho- urine. Urolithiasis.

  3. Kidneys: Slightly irregular contours, slight decrease in medullary cortical definition, presence of small amount of bilateral perirenal effusion (most evident in left kidney). Differentials: mild bilateral chronic nephropathy associated with acute nephritis and/or pyelonephritis

    Bladder: Presence of mucosal surface erosion, small amount of gas in lumen, small amount of urinary sediment and clots adhered to ventral surface. Differential: Hemorrhagic ephysematous cystitis.

  4. Thickened bladder wall, uneven mucosal surface, hyperechoic luminal septation and presence of large amount of sediment. Pseudomembranous Cystitis

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