New video memberships!

The world of Small Animal Ultrasonography is at reach more than ever!  

After a year of hard work, we’re very excited to launch a new membership platform giving access to hundreds of videos covering everything you need to know to undertake ultrasound in your practice, or to expand your knowledge! 

Different memberships are offered to match your needs, whether you want to learn the basic concepts of an ultrasound exam, the normal abdomen anatomy and sonographic approach with 3D animations, or the sonographic diagnosis of common and uncommon pathologies affecting all body regions, from head to toes. Once subscribed, you can search through the entire collection using keywords to quickly find the information you’re looking for.

For a complete liste of videos offered with our PREMIUM membership, click HERE. Stop by our FAQs page if you have any question!

And to help our global fight against COVID-19, we’re offering a 19% discount on the PREMIUM membership until December 31st! Make sure to use the coupon COVID19 on your checkout. 

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