Time to play! [13]

View the short video of the bladder (sagittal plane) of this cat…what is your main finding?  Have you seen that before?  What is the clinical relevance of this finding?

Looking forward to your comments… I’ll get back to you in a couple of days!


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5 thoughts on “Time to play! [13]

  1. looks like lot of intraluminal fibrinous and haemorrhaic debris in the bladder lumen. chance of tumour or severe cystitis

  2. I have seen 5 or six patent urachus, and always is a focal cist on the craneoventral part of the bladder. In my opinion is a fibrous tissue in old cats with no clinical relevance. thank you Dominique. Regards.

  3. I’d also say patent urachus. Often a nidus for infection. Is it known if the bright area on the ventral wall represents fibrous tissue, or inflammation or…? Is the tiny cystic area always present with this.? I’m sure I’m have missed a few of these.

  4. It looks like a patent urachus. I have never seen one but my understanding is that it is usually not an issue requiring surgical treatment, unless the patient has a history of recurrent UTI.

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