Time to play! [10]

Blackie, a 15-year-old cat was presented for severe bradyarrhythmia. An abdominal ultrasound was performed as part of the work-up for systemic disease that could cause 3d degree AV block. On blood work, there is a slight leukocytosis.  See a short video clip of the left side of the abdomen.  What is your diagnosis?  Recommendations?

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10 thoughts on “Time to play! [10]

  1. Gastric perforated foreign body (woden stick or other), perforated on the stomach large curvature caudally with secondary local peritonitis.

  2. Foreign body that perforated out of the stomach with part of it still within the gastric lumen. This seems to be more likely to be a chronic condition since there is an organised, thickened and homogeneous hypoechoic wall enveloping the density acting like a tract. The highly echogenic material within it makes me think more of a plastic but it’s anyone’s guess until it is identified through surgery. Pancreatitis secondary to trauma from the redirected FB is possible as it is in the right location but cellulitis is another consideration. More views and localization of the pancreas would better confirm this. The free fluid present in that location may represent an accumulation within the gutters. A fine needle aspirate may also prove it either to be cellular as there are echos present within it. The other situation is inflammation secondary to the pancreatitis. Enzyme assays of the fluid could also be measured if the cytology is not definite. Interesting case. I hope that the kitten did well.

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