Time to play! [14]

What’s going on with this cat? What would you recommend? Tell us what you think! Stay put for the answer…

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24 thoughts on “Time to play! [14]

  1. Interstinal obstruction , susp. linear foreign body , pancreatitis ? enlarged reactive lymph nodes .

  2. Irregular and thickened intestinal wall, loss of normal layering, enlarged mesenterial lln. Suspected intestinal lymfoma of sarcoma.

  3. The tunica muscularis is a little big in one segment of the intestine and the linfnodes there are hypo to anechoic and seem a little round (linfadenopathy). Another part oft the small intestine is quite dilated and there seems to be a linear foreign body (hyperechoic line with shadow) in it which causes the dublication oft the distal intestine. I would do an laparotomy.

  4. The cat has enlarged intestinal muscular layer more pronounced at the ileocecocolic valve. Need to perform a full thickness biopsy. Dd – IBD, intestinal lymphoma.

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