Time to play! #16

Happy 2021 to YOU!  Please stay healthy and wear your mask!

Let’s get started with a new Time to Play!  As in the past, we let you watch and figure out what is going on in the video clip… Your answers and comments are WANTED!

In a few days (nail biting time), we’ll unlock the case… Surprise!

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6 thoughts on “Time to play! #16

  1. if it’s a female than postoperative scar/fibrosis/granuloma after right ovary removal might be possible.
    Other differential could be lymphadenopathy of the lumbar aortic lymphadenopathy
    FNA could aid in diagnosis

  2. It’s location caudal to right kidney, could be ovary – judging by the caudal bit of the kidney it doesn’t appear enlarged. Appears hyperechoic with acoustic shadowing suggesting mineralisation (anal gland adenocarcinomas often cause hypercalcaemia?) compared to those I’m used to seeing (usually anoestrus) and also has a hypoechoic area within it. I’d be concerned about metastases or mineralisation due to the acoustic shadowing. Looking forward to hearing the real answer!

    • The shadow is a dirty shadow which is suggestive of gas. The location is in the area of the ascending colon. I would want to find a clear image of the colon and try to follow it to this area to see if it is related. The hypoechoic focal area in the hyperechoic region is odd looking and may represent a lesion even if this is the colon.

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