Time to play! [22]

Here we are in 2022! 🥳

Let’s start the year with this new Time To Play # 22. 
Take the time to review the video and share your comments.
As always, the answer will come in a few days!

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8 thoughts on “Time to play! [22]

  1. It looks like a mass at either the left lobe of the pancreas or the gastric wall at the antral junction,although the appearance is mor of splenic parenchyma.

  2. It seems too cranial to be adrenal. it looks more like to pancreas to me, with inhomogeneous hyperechoic surrounding fat. But I would like to clearly see left adrenal ti definitely rule out an adrenal mass

  3. Between the spleen and left kidney there appears to be a mass with a hyperechoic focal lesion in it. Adjacent to it is a hyperechoic mass surrounding hypoechoic tissue and a tiny amount of free fluid. The part of the spleen seen appears normal. The pancreas is in this area of inflammation. The mass could be within the intestines.

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