Time to play! [23] : the answer

Great participation to this interesting case of pyonephrosis in a cat!

The presence of echogenic material in the renal pelvis and possibly ureters is a key finding in suspecting pus.
If the animal is not responding to medical management, a pyelocentesis might be the recommended next step.

For more examples of this disease, please consult this link on the Small Animal Ultrasonography website: https://smallanimalultrasonography.com/pyonephrosis-in-cats/

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  1. Hello!! Very nice case! How much time it takes to resolve the pielectasia after initiating the right antibiotictjerapy? Thank you in advance!

    • In this cat after 2 weeks, there is significant improvement (clinically and on ultrasound) but there is persistent pyelectasia…ultrasound is used for monitoring degree of resolution, along with the clinical signs and urinalysis.

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