Vesicourachal diverticulum in 2 cats

From Chapter 11 – Bladder and Urethra

Fig 11.33

Figure 11.33.   Vesicourachal diverticulum in 2 catsA: Longitudinal sonogram of the bladder in a 6 year old castrated male cat presented for pollakiuria and recurrent episodes of urethral obstruction.  A focal depression (arrow) is present in the cranioventral aspect of the bladder, which is otherwise thickened and irregular. A moderate amount of echogenic sediment is present in the lumen. B: The lateral radiograph of the positive contrast cystogram displays the urachal diverticulum (arrow). C: Longitudinal sonogram of the bladder of a 5 year old cat with chronic cystitis.  A similar depression is noted in the cranioventral aspect of the bladder and a small amount of hyperechoic sediment is collected at this level.  D: Three months later, a well defined sacculation is visible in the cranioventral bladder wall.  On sequential exams, calculi were seen lodged in the diverticulum. Images A & B courtesy of C. Warman, Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland, New Zealand.

co-authored by James Sutherland-Smith and Dominique Penninck

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