Time to play! [11]: the answer

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The duodenostomy site shows expected focal thickening, with numerous hyperechoic foci representing suture material.  The local fat is hyperechoic which is expected for a one week post-operative recheck.  There was no abnormal fluid collection near the anastomosis site.

See below a longitudinal image of the duodenostomy, between the shadows of 2 ribs, and a transverse image with numerous sutures seen best in the near wall:

But the incision of the abdominal wall appears like this:

inc 2

An elongated fluid pocket dissecting the subcutaneous tissues, and likely representing an infected seroma.

The dog was sent back to surgery for debridement of the infected incision.  The abdominal cavity was lavaged as it was suspected to be contaminated, but the duodenostomy site was confirmed to be intact.

The dog recovered uneventfully.

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  1. Actually, this should read duodenectomy! Sorry for the error…the surgical site was circumferential.

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